Advice For The Burnt Out Mom: My 2017 Goals

January 19, 2017

Hello to all my mommies out there! Your probably reading this because you too feel over worked and or burnt out. As moms we have all been there and I'm here to tell you how we are going to get through this together. Motherhood is not easy and although it would have been greatly appreciated but there is no "The Perfect Guide to Motherhood" that was handed to us after birth of our little ones.

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Let me start by saying that motherhood did not coming easy to me. I got pregnant young and was still learning about myself while also trying to learn to be a mom. So everything I have learn is from trail and error, a lot sleepless nights and of course some advice from others. These past 8 years of being a mother has been an absolute crazy roller coaster ride but I think I can finally and confidently say that I think I got this thing down packed. At least until my oldest hits her preteen then I'm back to square one I feel.  
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I am a mom of two, to a daughter who is 8 and son who is 4 and we are currently trying for a 3rd, I know right call me crazy. I'm the mom who stresses over schedules and trying to have a set routine. I'm the mom who has to jump into every little argument my kids have with each other. I'm also the mom who drives herself crazy because she tries to take on too much instead of asking for help when help is always there when I need it. I'm also the mom who forgets about herself. I push myself at times beyond my limit and don't know when to quit. I try to make everything close to perfect and when that doesn't happen I feel burnt out. Which usually always ends up with me snapping at them. You might be telling yourself "well that's the price for motherhood" but does it have to be. When you find yourself so emotionally distraught or breaking down crying I don't think that is the norm.   

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For the past threes my new year goals have always been about personal growth and change. It's the 3rd week in the new year and I still haven't written any goals. I didn't know what goals I needed to make or what I needed to work on that I haven't already. Then it hit me this year I want to work on being a stress free, living in the moment and knowing when to take a break for my own good kind of mom. So here are my goals for 2017.

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Ask For Help

If you have someone there willing to help, then ask for it. My fiance always tell me that I never ask him for help. That how is he suppose to know if I need something done if I never tell him what it is. This one was hard for me, I'm not use to asking but instead just getting it done myself. But mamas I can tell you that since I actually start asking for help it has taken a load of my shoulders. 

Let My Kids Figure It Out

Another not so easy one for me. I always feeling that I need to intervene when my kids are going at it. Which ends in me working myself up because lets face it, kids argue. When talking about my kids it's an on again off again all day affair. So if I keep intervening for every little thing I'll end up driving myself crazy. So lately I've been taking a step back and just listening. Then I'll decide if I need to step in or let then figure it out for themselves.

Take Time Off

Of course there is no real such thing as taking time off as a mom. But there is a such thing as "ME TIME" which is very much needed if you plan to be the best mom you can be. My kids will come to me for almost anything even if daddy is in the some room. So on days when I need a little break I send all their questions to daddy. I plan to also actually get out the house more for some me time even if it's just going to the store and walking up and down every aisle.

Find My Niche And Stick To It 

I plan to find something I love something makes me happy outside of being a mom and fiance and stick with it. Which will be my blog and photography. Although my blog has a lot to doing with parenting, advice and my kids it also has to to with style and beauty both things I love.

Live In The Now

This might sound a little strange but if you read my last post here. Then you'd understand why live in the now is one of my goals. Sometime we get so caught up in things and don't realize it until it's too late. Which cause you to miss out on life and not only does that affect you but perhaps those around you. So my biggest goal this year is to live in the now. To enjoy life, cherish moments, smile more, love harder, hug more, and sing at any giving moment. I don't want my kids or myself to look back on live and realize that I never really lived. That I was always so burnt out that it stopped me from having fun and being their version of the worlds best mom.

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So what are some of your goals for the New Year and how do you plan on sticking with them all? I would love to hear from you guys as I said up above we will all get through this together. 


  1. I think I might be parenting wrong because I've never had this problem. Then again, we never really leave the house and I spend most of my time gaming while my kid does the same xD

    1. Lol of course not. We all go through different things in our life. Rather you have gone through this or not defiantly doesn't mean your doing something wrong.

  2. Definitely taking me time can help especially as a first time mom. Now that my mom is three he is loud and running around on a rampage. Some days once my husband comes home even going to the store is therapy to me.

    1. Going to the store has become therapy for me as well.

  3. Letting the kids figure things out for themselves is a huge one! I'm totally a helicopter guilty of not allowing my kids to work things out between each other, etc. I definitely need to work on this one.

    1. It's still had for me, my natural instinct is to fix it and make peace.

  4. We have begun allowing our toddler to figure things out more-its good to give them independence

  5. Your photos and family are beautiful. I hope it is an amazing year for you!

    1. Thank you! I hope you have an amazing year as well!

  6. Great advice. I think living stress free and in the moment is possibly the best goals one can make. I'm trying my best to work on these two as well.



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