5 Ways To Spoil Yourself Every Day

January 31, 2017

As a mom I can count on one hand how many times a year I actually get to pamper myself. Being a mom is all about being selfless, we cater to our family and then worried about ourselves last. Being a selfish mom does not make you a bad mom in fact everyone is selfish at times.

My mom use to tell me all time "Shuaniqua if you don't take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of your kids" I never fully understood at the time that she meant so much then just my health. But throughout the years I have taken my moms advice and learned that I have to take care of myself.

Here are 5 simple ways that I spoil myself everyday.

1. Coffee In The Mornings.

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Coffee time is my time. Coffee in the mornings is one of my greatest joys which I'm sure you have already guess by my blog name. Haha! I love waking up early in the mornings before the kids to enjoy myself a nice hot cup of coffee.

2. Play Music

I love turning the music on as I'm writing a blog post, cleaning the house or just simply trying to relax. Music puts me in a wonderful mood, it helps clear my mind and give me so much inspiration.

3. Enjoy A Face Mask

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Applying a face mask defiantly makes me feel like I'm spoiling myself. I feel refreshed and rejuvenate after a face mask and I love how it leave my skin so soft and smooth.

4. Workout

As little as 15 minutes can start your mornings off just right. Working out is a good way to get your blood pumping and have you feeling ready for the day ahead.

5. Screen Time

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I'm a social media mom I try my best not to have my phone in hand all the time. So instead I set aside time for myself to check my emails, Instagram, and our family vlog channel. Or I indulge in my favorite T.V.

How do find ways to spoil yourself?

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Olive Jacket + Distressed Jeans

January 23, 2017

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Hello love! I'm happy to say that I'm finally doing a fashion post on my blog. I originally started out doing fashion but somehow always find myself venturing into something else or new. Today's look is simple I don't think it can get any more simple then this. This is my everyday on the go, I want to look cute but don't have the time or want to put in too much effort look. I can seriously live in a t-shirt and jeans.

These jeans has to be my favorite pair of jeans and I can promise you guys that you will see them again. 

style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,

style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,

 I wore a plan black long sleeve tee underneath this light olive jacket.
This jacket is really light weight and cute with pockets up top and on the bottom. It also has drawstrings around the waist which I love to pull in for certain outfit which give it that fit and flare look.  

style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,

style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,

style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,

What is your everyday go to look?


style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,


style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy, style, outfit, fashion, distressed jeans, olive green jacket, mom blogs, mom life, mommy,

Advice For The Burnt Out Mom: My 2017 Goals

January 19, 2017

Hello to all my mommies out there! Your probably reading this because you too feel over worked and or burnt out. As moms we have all been there and I'm here to tell you how we are going to get through this together. Motherhood is not easy and although it would have been greatly appreciated but there is no "The Perfect Guide to Motherhood" that was handed to us after birth of our little ones.

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Let me start by saying that motherhood did not coming easy to me. I got pregnant young and was still learning about myself while also trying to learn to be a mom. So everything I have learn is from trail and error, a lot sleepless nights and of course some advice from others. These past 8 years of being a mother has been an absolute crazy roller coaster ride but I think I can finally and confidently say that I think I got this thing down packed. At least until my oldest hits her preteen then I'm back to square one I feel.  
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I am a mom of two, to a daughter who is 8 and son who is 4 and we are currently trying for a 3rd, I know right call me crazy. I'm the mom who stresses over schedules and trying to have a set routine. I'm the mom who has to jump into every little argument my kids have with each other. I'm also the mom who drives herself crazy because she tries to take on too much instead of asking for help when help is always there when I need it. I'm also the mom who forgets about herself. I push myself at times beyond my limit and don't know when to quit. I try to make everything close to perfect and when that doesn't happen I feel burnt out. Which usually always ends up with me snapping at them. You might be telling yourself "well that's the price for motherhood" but does it have to be. When you find yourself so emotionally distraught or breaking down crying I don't think that is the norm.   

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For the past threes my new year goals have always been about personal growth and change. It's the 3rd week in the new year and I still haven't written any goals. I didn't know what goals I needed to make or what I needed to work on that I haven't already. Then it hit me this year I want to work on being a stress free, living in the moment and knowing when to take a break for my own good kind of mom. So here are my goals for 2017.

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Ask For Help

If you have someone there willing to help, then ask for it. My fiance always tell me that I never ask him for help. That how is he suppose to know if I need something done if I never tell him what it is. This one was hard for me, I'm not use to asking but instead just getting it done myself. But mamas I can tell you that since I actually start asking for help it has taken a load of my shoulders. 

Let My Kids Figure It Out

Another not so easy one for me. I always feeling that I need to intervene when my kids are going at it. Which ends in me working myself up because lets face it, kids argue. When talking about my kids it's an on again off again all day affair. So if I keep intervening for every little thing I'll end up driving myself crazy. So lately I've been taking a step back and just listening. Then I'll decide if I need to step in or let then figure it out for themselves.

Take Time Off

Of course there is no real such thing as taking time off as a mom. But there is a such thing as "ME TIME" which is very much needed if you plan to be the best mom you can be. My kids will come to me for almost anything even if daddy is in the some room. So on days when I need a little break I send all their questions to daddy. I plan to also actually get out the house more for some me time even if it's just going to the store and walking up and down every aisle.

Find My Niche And Stick To It 

I plan to find something I love something makes me happy outside of being a mom and fiance and stick with it. Which will be my blog and photography. Although my blog has a lot to doing with parenting, advice and my kids it also has to to with style and beauty both things I love.

Live In The Now

This might sound a little strange but if you read my last post here. Then you'd understand why live in the now is one of my goals. Sometime we get so caught up in things and don't realize it until it's too late. Which cause you to miss out on life and not only does that affect you but perhaps those around you. So my biggest goal this year is to live in the now. To enjoy life, cherish moments, smile more, love harder, hug more, and sing at any giving moment. I don't want my kids or myself to look back on live and realize that I never really lived. That I was always so burnt out that it stopped me from having fun and being their version of the worlds best mom.

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So what are some of your goals for the New Year and how do you plan on sticking with them all? I would love to hear from you guys as I said up above we will all get through this together. 

Confessions Of A Social Media Mom

January 16, 2017

Happy Martin Luther King Day! I woke up a with the weather gloomy, cold and wet from the rain last night. But oddly enough I actually enjoy this kind of weather. Makes me feel all cozy and gives me the excuse to stay cuddled up on the couch all day watching cartoons with the kids.

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This topic has been on my mind for a week now as it hit me just how much social media has effect my life. So with a fresh cup of coffee in hand I thought I'd talk a little about my life as a social media mom; the good and the bad. Social media is a great place. I mean look at the things that are happening because of social media alone. Amazing talents has been found and has become well known or even famous and then some not so talented people as well. I love to use social media as a learning tool as well. You have so much information at your finger tips.

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I'm a social media mom, I spend a lot of time on the Internet surfing the web, scrolling through Instagram, watching videos on YouTube, reading blogs and networking. Social media has helped me open up and show a side of myself that I would only show to very close friends and family. I actually have a channel on YouTube it's a rather small channel. But even with my small channel I've had to step outside my comfort zone to produce quality content. To share myself with strangers and then go on other platform to network and share myself there as well. 

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To be quite frank with you social media can become an addiction without even realizing, sadly it happen to me. I found my self getting so wrapped up in social media. Worrying about Instagram aesthetic, and not missing any post from those I follow. Unfortunately it got worse I was so busy looking at other people lives. Wishing I could get my pictures like this or my YouTube like that. That I would spend hours on social media looking for inspiration while the kids were at school but would actually never disconnect. That by the time it was time to pick the kids up from school my whole day was just about gone. I was no longer living my life instead I was glued to my laptop or phone. I didn't know how to disconnect and soon enough I no longer felt like myself, I was no longer living my life and I started to feel depressed. 

It took me two weeks to figure out what the heck was wrong with me. Needless to say it was the kids who helped me overcome. Which then made me realize that I wasn't really fully living in the moment, I wasn't actually letting life happen but instead was trying to make every moment a pretty Instagram picture. If that makes any sense. Both of my kids are in school now which caused boredom for this mama bear so I turned to social media throughout the week. Which at times over flowed into my everyday life.  

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Does this make me a bad mom not even close. Will I or have I stopped social media all together of course not. But I have learn to balance my social media life and my daily life. I have given myself time limits. Because while my little ones are at school it's important for me to actually live so that it doesn't over flow into anything else in my daily life. 

A Few Tips On How I Balance Being A Social Media Mom.

I Start My Mornings Phone/Laptop Free
When I woke up in the morning it's usually an hour or so before the kids. Which helps gather myself before the crazy morning begins. I take this time to jot down my thoughts, any ideas and To-Lists.

I Use A Planner/Notebook
I finally started using a planner and all the notebooks I've been collecting. I use a planner to schedule out my day. Which really has helped organize and make my days go by smooth. I don't find myself feeling like there's no much to do but never enough time.

I Plan For Different Days by Setting Time Limts
This goes hand in hand with the planner but I set times on how much I allow myself to get wrap up in social media and on what days. If I know I'm going to be sitting down to write a blog post, filming and or networking them I set out those days.

Treat It Like A 9-5 With Days Off
Since both of my kids are in school I can actually treat blogging, filming and or network like a 9-5 (more like 7-3). I make sure that what I need to do is done before it's time to pick the kids up from school. I'm also try to be social media free on the weekend I usually get on to post on IG or upload a Sunday vlog.

Have a Separate Space For Blogging/Filming
Sometime even with all the planing and setting time limits I listen to what my mind and body needs. If I start to feel like I'v been on the computer for too long that day or I need to just disconnect. I simply remove myself from that area, out of site out of mind. I'll focus on something that will get my body moving and or that will take my mind off of it all.

Influenster Twinkle VoxBox

January 9, 2017

I'm a little late on the blog post but I'm sure we all know how the holidays can be and especially if you have kids out of school for two weeks it can be a bit crazy at times. Now we are starting up the second week of the new year and let me just tell you I'm finding myself with case of the January Blues. But I'm determined to not let this funk go on for any longer.

I was sent my first ever Voxbox from Influenster this one is called the Twinkle Voxbox I received it a few days before Christmas and it was filled with amazing goodies.


Short story on why I think this is so great. At the begin of this week I had washed, condition, moisturized, blow dried and straighten my hair. Well I happen to put way to much product in my hair which made it weighed down and stringy. I used this dry shampoo and guys I kid you not it absorbed all the unwanted oil in my hair making my hair much more how I wanted done in the first place.  


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