Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Review

August 1, 2016

Few weeks ago I was all out of shampoo and conditioner; well pretty much everything really. I've tried Cantu products in the past but have forgotten about it until a couple months ago. When I tried there Mositurizing Twist and Lock Gel, which is amazing for defining your curls. I thought why not buy the entire  Cantu line. I promise you i'm not a products junkie and rarely do I have buy all the same products from one line but I love the result for the Mositurizing Twist and Lock Gel that I thought why not give them all a try. When people ask me what I use in my hair I tell them Cantu. I tend to hear mixed reviews about it so i'm here to give you my honest opinion.

Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo 

I hardly use shampoo on my hair. When I do use it, it's because it's my full hair wash day routine or product build up and my hair is screaming to be washed. Unlike most shampoo this does not make your hair feel as it's been striped of all moisture, leaving it dry and crunching. This Sulfate-Fee Cleansing shampoo does leaving you scalp feeling clean and your hair still soft.

Sulfate-Free Hydrating Cream Conditioner 

Conditioner is a natural hair girls best friend. When my hair is a bit on the dry side like it today because lets face it I can get very lazy when it comes to doing my own hair. I also a sleek out a co-wash to revive my hair before adding my leave-ins and moisturizers. Because conditioner is a natural hairs girl best friend it is very important that it does just want it say it's suppose to do and work well for you hair type. Now giving my honest opinion about this Cantu Sulfate-Fee Hydrating Cream Conditioner. I'd have to say that I do like this conditioner it does hydrate your hair and leave your curls looking a heck of a lot better then right before you washed them. Now my one con about this conditioner is that it doesn't have that really slippery silky feel to it that helps detangle your hair. This is only a con if your skip the step of detanging you hair before washing which I do. But with that being said it still leaves your hair soft enough to be able to finger comb your hair. So it might not be a con at all but it was something that I noticed and thought i'd point it out.

Leave-In Conditioning Cream

This leave-in is amazing and smells really good which is an added bonus. I"m not really picking with my leave-in. As long as they are not too watery, don't dry my hair out and the product doesn't sit on top of my hair then your my kind of leave-in.

Coconut Curling Cream

I'm a bit more picky with my moisturizer then I am with my leave-ins. The first thing I check for is the thickness and consistency of the product. I need to know that it's going to be thick and creamy enough for my hair. I have really thick and I guess you can say course hair and if a moisturizer is just too watery and thin then it just want work. I usually go for a moisturizer that say for dry and damaged hair, or something with repair in the name.  Not because my needs repairing or is damaged I just know that the thickness of the cream will work for my hair. The Cantu Coconut Curling Cream is exactly what I'm looking for when it comes to that. Not only does it smell good but it also light weight and add the right amount of moisture to your hair without weighing it down or having it feel extra greasy.

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