March 17, 2016

We all know how is it when you go to a store or Target for that matter plan to buy one thing and come out with so much more. Haha well I'll be showing you the unintended products I picked up at Target. I have a small obsession with buying primers and well just makeup in general. I love NYX products so I had to pick up a this HD Studio Photogenic Primer and the Shine Killer. I purchase both with the hopes of it helping to matte  my makeup while killing the shine for longer wear. I have yet to use both these products to tell if there any good but I will update you guys when I do. The HD Finishing Powder was only purchased because I saw it setting there. Your starting to see how this impromptu shopping spree came about now huh! The joys of shop with very little self control!

I bought two pair of these sunglasses one for myself of course and then for my fiancĂ© who's been wanting a pair of glasses since the end of time. So now we will twins and matching for our trip to Dallas this month. 

This purse was a must and I NEEDED the moment I saw it. It come in two colors Black and  Tan. As I mention I'll be taking a trip to Dallas this month (twice actually one for Beauty Con and another for our two year anniversary.) and I knew it would go prefect with the outfit that I have yet to pick out but what I wear will be focus around then purse. I believe it's at for $22 dollar a bit much for a small purse like this but I absolutely love it.  

Back with more makeup products; oh you thought we were done, almost. Here I have a Micro Eyebrow pencil in the color espresso. I'm not a big fan of the pencil I feel as if it goes on to light and smudge way to easy. Now the Eyebrow Fav is my new favorite this baby is going nowhere but I have learned that a little goes a long way so you can't over do it with this one. I picked up the Matte Finishing spray because it had matte in the name I'm really a sucker for matter products as I have oily skin and will pretty do anything for my face to not be oily and my makeup to not slid off. 

I have been slacking on my hair care and what that said to me is buy some hair products. Now I'm not a product junkie so I'm save there. When it comes to hair products I'm all about consistency and the thickness of my product. This Thank God it's NATURAL shea butter is life right now to my hair. I apply it once a week after I washed in condition my hair or co-wash and wake in the morning with soft and moisturize hair. I have yet to try the Jane carter Frizz Free Styling Smoother but I really hoping it works for my daughter hair.

So this is what happen when you shop with a purpose you spend way more then you need and come home with some really good product

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