March 18, 2016

I've been finding myself trying to brunch out on my makeup products. I'm a "stick to what I know" kind of girl. It's a bit hard to do that when there is so many new makeup products and all their pretty packaging. I was in HEB a few nights ago and decided I would check out their makeup aisle. I was pretty surprised when I stumbled a cross Black Radiance. Which use to be in my local Walmart and they stop selling it. I won't lie that I was pretty upset when I found this new out. But I have found where they sale is again and I"m pleased.

I have tried and love Black Radiance before the brand is becoming more and more well known and are putting out more products which I'm really excited about. Okay so lets move on to this Contour Palette shall we. They have 2 shades of this palette Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. I of course bought the medium to dark palette. Lets start of by saying this product is only $7.99 come on, you really can't beat that plus the packaging is pretty cute as well. 

The colors right from the start looks very pigment and just wonderful. You have your CONTOUR, SCUPLT and HIGHLIGHT which is probably my favorite because your will defiantly be golden and glowing. I was also surprised that the contour showed up amazing on my skin and I didn't have to use a lot to get to show either. 

This picture here does not do it justice it's a lot more pigmented then this trust me. After applying this I thought I would be able to just wipe is off with my fingers, NOPE! This baby did not budge and also didn't have any transfer. I wore is for the first time last night and was pretty amazed as how my highlight was still there as if I just applied it hour later.

All in all I would say that this is a really great product and would recommend to anyone looking for a contour palette that may be on a budget or is a beginner and even if your not it's still a wonderful and amazing palette.

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