3 Easy Diy Kids Valentine's Day Craft

February 6, 2015

Is it me or did that this week go by extremely fast. I'm pretty please with that actually, I mean as long as this year doesn't go as fast as last year. One moment it was March and then you go to sleep and wake up and it's April, well that's how is felt anyways. I'm sure everyone heard by now that the Groundhog has seen his shadow which means 6 more week of this up and down weather Texas calls Winter. Riddle me this in order to see your shadow wouldn't it have to be sunny which should mean sunny weather.

Valentine's Day is come up, the day where everyone goes a tab bit crazy about having a "bae" to celebrate with on this one day. Some may not have to worry about such a thing if you're anti valentines, in a relationship or married. And if you are much younger say preschool then what really matters at all is the candy. I remember my days where we'd throw little valentines party in class have cookies, cupcakes and candy it was the best. It as now come the time where my daughter gets to have her fair share of valentine's party. So I decided to take it upon myself and get extra crafty and decorate her room with a valentines theme. I've slowly been stocking up on Craft items so I had all of this at home already. I purchased all of these items from Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

Cut Out Hearts

Materials you will need:
Card Stork
Heart Cut Outs (I used cookies cutters)
Color Pencils
Laminated paper (optional)
Tape or Command Strips

 My mom bought me 101 cookies cutters for Christmas which I was really excited about because she knows I like to bake. So I thought why not use this for a duel purpose. I placed the shapes on the paper trying to fit as many as I can and traced them, pretty easy. I colored them on the paper because I just felt it would be easier that way, then I just cut it out.

Cutting thing is almost just as fun as was when I was a child. I had my daughter trace and color her shapes as well which made this so much fun. This project was super easy and took about an hour altogether. I wish I took it one step farther and laminated each paper before cutting so that they can still be use again for another theme or also for next year. I just plan to do this once I get my hands on some lamination paper.

This is the finished look of the cut out shapes. I washed down the wall with a baby wipe so it would stick better and just use scotch tape to hang them up. 

Happy Valentine's Day Garland

Materials You Will Need:
Colored Card Stock
Hot Glue Gun
Thumb Tacks (2)
Letter Shapes or Free hand (I used cookies cutters)

This craft here is just as easy as the the first one and took me no time at all to get it done. Just like the first one I traced as many of the letters that I can fit onto one paper. Because this paper is already color it saved me time from having to do it myself. I then cut out and laid the letters upside down. I eyeballed how much string at the end that I wanted to leave out so I will be able to hang it up. I then grab my hot glue gun and glued each letters to the string leaving very little space in between the letter and about 3 fingers space between each words. Last but not least I took my thumb tacks and hot glued the plastic and warp my sting about it. (pictures shown below)

Valentine's Button Canvas 

Materials You Will Need:
Canvas ( I used a 11 by 14)
Hot Glue Gun
Heart Shape or Free Hand (again I used a cookies cutter)

I purchased a 3 pack canvas for right at or under $5 at Walmart. I feel like I should rename this with cookie cutters in the title somewhere lol. These things truly have come and handy I'll say that. I have never used a canvas before and the one I bought I felt was a little too big only because my heart shape was too small. I didn't trust myself to freehand so I just improvised and drew two cut off hearts. Now if you look at the color of the buttons I wouldn't really say that they are valentine's colors but with the whole heart theme I thought, why now add it. My daughter picked out the buttons a while back and I thought this would be too pretty and can stay in her room well after valentines day. I could even hang it on the wall with this neat picture hanging kit I bought at Dollar General. Now enough ramble and one to the craft. (pictures shown below)

Two balance the bold colors of the buttons I just colored a the two hearts on the side a light pink which I think ties it all together in my opinion of course.


  I hope you guys enjoyed the 3 Easy Diy Valentin's Day Craft. Let me know down in the comments which one was you favorite. I'd to say that mine was the heart button canvas. 

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